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The equipment at SubCreations has been optimized to use the Perl scripting language most efficiently and is used to control MySQL databases. We have many programs that might already serve your purposes requiring only slight configuration changes and thus being available almost instantly with only small setup fees. Other programs can be developed by us for an hourly fee or a flat fee.

These programs can be installed on our servers and you are charged a monthly fee or you can install them somewhere else. You can even link to our server from your current site to have database services.

Often, we can use Perl for some database applications and thus eliminating the need for a monthly MySQL service fee. Since most Hosting Companies let you install your own Perl scripts, this also makes it much easier for you to enhance your present site without having to host it with us or without having to link to a program on one of our servers.

Though we are set up to host your data on the Internet, we also sell systems that run equally well on your intranet or a stand-alone PC.

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